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Host a FUNDrive® to raise funds for your school sports team

Written by: FUNDrive Team, January 17, 2024

School sports help build comradery and community, whether you’re playing, watching, or coaching, but sometimes fundraising for those sports can be even more difficult than bringing home the win.

Read on to see how hosting a FUNDrive® helped a cheer team in Kansas City and a softball team in Salt Lake City, bring home a win in fundraising—in an effective and contact-free way.

When Copper Hills High School Softball team needed to raise funds for team equipment, they started with a car wash. After spending an entire day sweating it out in the Utah heat and earning only a few hundred bucks, they knew they had to find a better way to fundraise, so they turned to FUNDrive®. Fundraising organizer, Tara Matheson, worked with the team to get the word out on social media, and was able to secure a storage unit from a local company to hold their donations until drop off day. Their community responded in a big way, donating over 5,000 pounds of clothing and household goods – which turned into over $2,000 for team helmets, new fences, and batting cage nets. The team has hosted multiple FUNDrive® events over the past 3 years, raising over $9,000 total. The flexibility of FUNDrive® allowed them to fundraise completely during their off season, so when the season began, they could keep their focus where it belongs - having fun on the field.

The Cheer Team at Olathe West High School in Kansas City needed to raise funds for equipment each year. Much of that equipment was purchased to make practicing and learning new skills safe for the team. Samantha Baker, the head cheer coach, realized that nothing motivates a team faster than a little friendly competition, so she organized a contest to see which cheerleader could bring in the most bags of pre-loved stuff from their community. She also knew the importance of getting the word out on social media, so she encouraged parents to spread the word about FUNDrive® to their Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor communities. Before they knew it, donations were pouring in from the community, allowing the cheer team to raise $1,200.

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